What Shift is Calling You?

Integrate Your Personal, Spiritual, and World Work to Shift Human and Planetary Consciousness

Ever feel "stuck" thinking nothing will ever change?

Are you disheartened by what's going on in the world at this time?

The personal and collective challenges we face can become our greatest opportunity to heal, thrive, and restore wholeness to our world.

The Expansive Living Community is a sacred space for you to deepen your inner work, grow your spiritual resilience, and increase your impact in the world.

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I could feel expansiveness any time
"Reading the book and working with Anna through the community opened my eyes to the fact that I could feel expansiveness any time."
— Stacy Newcomb
It gave me the strength to make important... moves
"I participated in a year-long program with Anna. It gave me the strength to make important, yet scary (at the time) moves."
— Adi Ynov
Your workshop was a spa for the soul. 
— Pauline H.
Expertise, knowledge, and compassion
"Thank you for your guidance with my initial forays into the spiritual and higher self-realm. Your expertise, knowledge, and compassion are truly welcome and amazing."
— Kim D.
A unique perspective
"If you want to learn to value or enliven your spiritual life, Anna Gatmon offers a unique perspective through expansiveness or blissful spaciousness."
— Earleen R.
Change is possible
"My biggest learning was that I am not my story. Change is possible. In spite of a disability, I can succeed."
— Zora N.
Easy to apply and takes very little time
"No more struggle. The process of bringing your expanded self to everyday life is easy to apply and takes very little time."
— Nava R.
So graceful and skillful
"Anna was so graceful and skillful. She helped participants see through their habitual patterns and find a clear path back to their spiritual essence."
— Hagit C.
I think everyone would benefit from Anna's teachings. 
— Yelena Z.

About Anna Gatmon, PhD

Hello, I'm Anna.
This photograph was taken when I was eighteen and I heard my first shift calling. I was tall, lanky, with bushy red hair. I had a severe stutter and undiagnosed learning challenges. Yet, someone saw in me something I could not see for myself.

With very low self-esteem, and in spite of the risk, my fears, and plans to enlist into the mandatory Israeli military service, I listened to the shift calling me and was whisked away to Paris to begin a 10-year successful career as a fashion model. Sounds like a dream, but it was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.

After a while, and despite the material success, I felt something was missing. I sensed another shift calling. I went back to school and earned a doctorate degree in transformative and wholistic education. After that, I homeschooled my children and founded an elementary school based on an original education model. In my mid-forties, I had my spiritual awakening in a workshop at the renowned Findhorn Foundation and spiritual community in Northern Scotland. It changed the trajectory of my personal and professional life.

Since then, I've spent the last two decades on an inner quest studying the workings of our world, the root cause of our suffering, the nature of transformation, and how to face the challenges of our times.
Today, the focus of my books, podcast, and the Expansive Living method, is on helping visionary empaths and highly sensitive creative people with how to shift human and planetary consciousness through their unique talents and projects.

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I look forward to engaging with you on the inside!